Why so serious?

I had a friend of mine reach out to me, he was concerned that I might lose my election because of my less than orthodox sign and the antics of one Mat Pruneda. I calmly let him know, no, if I lose it is because I started the general election race 10,000 Democratic votes to 30,000 Republican votes. Being different is the one shot that we have.

While I do not take myself seriously, I do take the issues and the role seriously. If you have a question, I will answer your question with a real answer. I should answer your question with a question and then answer my question, but that is just not something I can do.

I have had people on the left say I am a Republican in Democratic clothing and people on the right say my view on abortion, as well as separation of church and state, does not sit well with them. I would counter both of those and ask, how do you know so much about my Republican past and my views on abortion and church and state? You know this because I told you.

People want an authentic voice, ironically that is a big part of the reason that Trump won. Despite the countless lies, the unacceptable behavior and the complete lack of knowledge on the issues, people knew who Trump was and choose that over the carefully crafted image of Clinton. I am hopeful in my case voters will respond to an authentic voice who has the relevant experience for the role, has the temperament for the role and will be fair, informed and unbiased.