The Constitution is under attack

 My opponent is encouraging everyone to come and vote between October 22nd and November 2nd for early voting and of course on election day November 6th.  “Make no mistake, the Constitution is under attack!  Help preserve our hard-fought rights”.  Amen, good sir.

Our Constitution is under attack, we have accepted as normal an authoritarian who admires dictators and even said he could shoot someone in broad daylight and not lose support.  Our Constitution is under attack by self-righteous religious zealots who fear Muslims trying to enforce Sharia law when they are the ones forcing their religion onto others.  Our Constitution is under attack by enablers of this administration who come out and say these are troubling statements and then go and accept everything he does because they want a tax cut or a Supreme Court pick.  Indeed, our Constitution is under attack and the only thing that can stop this attack is your vote.

Vote for someone who believes that courts should enforce only the laws of this land and will uphold our tradition of separation of church and state.  Vote for someone who wants you to judge him based on his character and his ideas and not based on the political tribe he is from.  Vote for someone who will directly answer your questions and avoids political spin words.  When you find that guy or gal, that is the person you need to vote for to defend our Constitution and our hard-fought rights.