Keep Denton Red

Every Republican in Denton County, my opponent included, is running hard with this theme.  My own mayor is promoting this on his Facebook page uses the hashtag #redwave and #keeptexasred.  There is a saying, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  In Denton County, the Republican Party has absolute power, there is not a single Democrat elected to a County position or higher.  This is never a good thing.

You might counter, hey, your slogan is Blue Wave 2018, isn’t that the same?  No, it is not.  We could have the biggest blue wave in the history of man and would not win every County race this year.  If we win one or two races locally it will be huge, when we talk about a blue wave we are talking about balancing out a massive power gap.  When Republicans invoke the Red Tide, they asking for complete control with no accountability.

This is not good in Detroit or Chicago where Democrats are in complete control and it is not a worthy goal we should aspire to.  Vote for the best person, vote for the person you believe will do the job with competence and integrity.  Vote for the person who will serve this great community in the way that it deserves to be served.  If you research me and you research my opponent and you come to the conclusion that he will do a better job, thank-you for considering me.  If you decide that I am a better fit but cannot join me in voting for Beto and Linsey, we can agree to disagree.  Whatever you do, do not simply vote to keep Denton Red, it is unworthy of greatness that is Texas.