Conservative vs. Progressive

Does the addition of Conservative Democrats water down the Progressive mission?

This is a really important question and one that we must address. It is not just important to me since I am one of those Conservative Democrats, it is important because we must be united if we want to win in November of 2018. But how do you do this?

First, recognize the difference between properly seeing the problem and the solution to fix it. The way we see the problem and the moral and just outcomes we seek can NEVER be watered down. To give that up would be a rejection of our principles; if you believe that healthcare is a privilege based on the good decisions that you made, we are not the party for you. We see 23 million people losing their insurance as a bad thing and we envision an outcome that protects essential medical benefits and keeps cost reasonable.

The solutions to fix the problem is where things can and will get messy. Not everyone sees everything the same way and people feel very passionately about the solutions that they believe are best. Universal healthcare is the goal, single payer, is one of the solutions that gets us to that goal, but so is fixing the ACA. This can be very hard to hear if you believe single payer is the only way to get to the moral and just outcome.

So, does the addition of Conservative Democrats water down the Progressive mission? The answer is and must be, absolutely not. We are united by our views on the problem and the moral and just outcomes. We will have disagreements about how to fix them. What makes us different for the Republicans is that we can do this with cooperation and mutual respect. This is something that the Republicans can no longer do. Republicans are not wrong because of the solutions they present, Republicans are wrong because they do not properly identify the problems we face and the outcomes that they envision are immoral and unjust.


  1. I realize words mean different things to different people. When I say conservative, I mean it in the classic William F. Buckley kind of way:

    • Respect for the individual to make their own choices

    • Belief in local control

    • Limited government

    • Separation of church and state

    • Not legislating from the bench

    It is ironic that many of today’s conservatives believe in none of those things. We need a Justice of the Peace who, to quote The Rock, will know his role. We enforce the law as is, we treat everyone the same, we follow a process. If you elect me to be your Justice of the Peace, that is exactly what you will get.


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